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The Deep Work: Healing, Mindset, & Manifestation Accelerator

The Deep Work: Healing, Mindset, & Manifestation Accelerator

Next level your practice with The Mindset, Healing, and Manifestation Method. It includes lessons on....

✔️Manifestation and the Law of Attraction
✔️Clarity and Decision Making
✔️Life Purpose
✔️Shadow Work
✔️Inner Child Work
✔️Goal Setting

Plus power-ups for your Happiness Habit Drag & Drop Transformational Morning Ritual Builder to add daily activities to incorporate your next level practices.

This course is only available now to The Happiness Habit purchasers.

12 Modules

MODULE 1: Mindset Work

MODULE 2: Manifestation

MODULE 3: Clarity

MODULE 4: Purpose

MODULE 5: Shadow Work

MODULE 6: Self Love

MODULE 7: Inner Child Work

MODULE 10: Goal Setting

The Deep Work Booster Pack for The Happiness Habit

Modules for this product 12
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